TimBoost App

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Using the app, the resistance of a GIR connection can be determined for the different possible failure modes. It is easy to quickly check how the connection resistance is modified by changing the connection geometry, member properties, rod geometry and arrangement, as well as the adhesive properties.

Discover the great features!


Graphical and interactive representation of model geometry


Extensive data validation
Supported GIR connection types: - Beam-Column (continuous) - Roof Apex - Spliced Beam.
Automatically generated calculation report
Load type possibilities: in-plane bending, shear and normal force
Calculation of connection design resistance: bending, shear and compression/tension
Wide range of softwood (C) and glulam (GL) timber grades
Fast identification of limiting check through clear overview of capacity utilization at each failure mode
Easy modification of the positions of the GIRs. Large selection of GIR diameters (∅6-∅30) and GIR steel grades.
Unique presentation of all parameters in comprehensive math expressions, with reference to relevant design standards.

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